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In addition to having filters on our devices,  building a filter in
our heart and mind is crucial.
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Click here to help build an internal filter for your family.
Router Filter 
A filter on your Router is like a fence around your house.  
It’s the first line of defense.
OpenDNS offers a free filter
for your router! 
This is a must for every home!
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FamilyShield will always block domains categorized in our system as Tasteless, Proxy/Anonymizer, Sexuality, or Pornography.
Unlike our standard Home service, you don’t need a registered network to use FamilyShield, and it’s just as easy to configure.


There are many different routers.  
Many already have parental controls built into them that you can adjust for your family’s needs.
Check yours now!
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Router 3
Filtering and Monitoring Software
Filtering and Monitoring Software is like having an alarm system
letting you know when something is wrong. It will protect your family
while you’re at home and away from home.
There are many filtering and monitoring software options out there. 
Here are some that are well known and will work on all of your family’s computers and phones.
Accountability Software
What is Accountability Software?  
Software that is put on your computer or phone that will send a report to a friend or parent that is holding you accountable to your internet usage.  
That friend or parent will get a report of your internet usage in their email.
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This service is $11 to $15 a month
Maintaining Accountability will model to the next generation 
how to live with integrity in this digital age.
 This is $49.00 a year
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Protect 1 computer for – $39.99 a year – additional seats $19.99 each

Protect 3 computers for – $59.98 a year – additional seats $19.99 each

Important: Net Nanny needs to be installed on each computer you are trying to protect.

Net Nanny is also available for Android mobile devices for $19.99 a year per device.

This service is free
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This is a new product that costs $99 for a home system.
The circlego feature will cost more and there is a waiting list because of its demand.
Circle Filter
Most devices have some kind of internal parental controls.
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Just Google your device and parental controls and you will find out how to set them up.
Don’t forget gaming consoles and blu ray players have internet access too.
Watching Movies these days can be a challenge with the whole family!
Netflix has parental controls
to help set appropriate settings for your family.
is a streaming video service that you can filter the movie that you rent.
You can change the settings on your computer’s browser to limit content.
You can turn off a website browser completely on any apple device.  
Phone Browsers
However, there are many web browsers out there that can be downloaded, even if you have disabled Safari.
You must monitor the apps that are being downloaded also.
Search Engines
When your child is doing homework and looking for images for his project, you may want to use something like this.
SafeSearch Google
SafeSearch Google
Google has a safe search setting for teens and adults.
Don’t Give Up the fight for Purity!
It may take some time and money,
but it will be worth it!
Isaiah 40 11
Are you or someone you
know struggling with pornography?
Click here to visit the Sexual Purity page 
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