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Tips for Facilitating a Group Discussion

Practical advice for working toward life-change, not spectacular meetings

For many small-group leaders, one of the more intimidating things we do is facilitating a group discussion. Very few of us feel like we’ll have all the right answers, or that we can handle whatever curve balls will be thrown our way (and there will be some!). To make matters worse, it’s even challenging to gauge whether we’re doing a good job or not… on the link to read more.

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5 Responses to “Life Group Discussion Page”

  1. Dana says:

    The non-talker. This is the quiet person in the group who never wants to share. If you think that doing so won’t scare them off even more—that they just need a little prompting—try calling on them periodically to share an answer. Also, be sure to affirm them big-time when they do respond….

    This was definitely a challenge for Doug and I.

    Next time we have Life Groups, I might try to connect with the silent person outside of the group a bit more.

  2. Raven says:

    Great article. Very insightful. So was the comment about the non talker. Thanks! Something I’m interested in with our group is to do a study together so it keeps our topics focused and hopefully engages the entire group. We are still in the discussion phase with this idea

  3. Tina says:

    Indeed a helpful article. One thing not mentioned, which I find myself dealing with, is being impatient. Impatient for deeper discussion for one. We are so enjoying breaking bread together that the discussion as related to specific questions or ice-breakers seems to be minimized. But must say we are new at this and I’m taking a “let the Lord lead” attitude because we need to consider that the folks in our group might really need the closeness fostered by the dinner table setting. Also, having just one little kid with us makes it hard for him, am thinking we could “use” another family with a kid to give him a buddy. We are going to try to “rotate” the facilitator responsibilities when we start in the fall.

  4. Millie says:

    In our group we were able to do some study about unity, however the were no consistence in attendance and arrival time. we decided that was not wise to implement a special project now. To The article mentioned above is very helpful for a group or person that is very quite in our group everybody talked. We try to follow the guide lines was given to us in our first meeting by the coordinators and worked. I find that in group like thise we need to follow guide lines because can get out of control. We enjoyed it and looking forward for the fall and The coordinators did an excellent job.

    • Dana says:

      Thanks Millie, Raven and Tina for your comments! We will be using your input and suggestions as we move forward in the fall.

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