Purpose Statement

Our purpose is to lead people into an intimate,

life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ

by encouraging worship, equipping towards Christ-like maturity,

sharing the good news locally and globally, doing acts of kindness,

and embracing each other as God’s family.
Encouraging Worship

God is worthy of our worship and adoration.

Our desire is to create a relaxed atmosphere

where we can celebrate God together in freedom and intimacy.


Equipping Towards Christ-like Maturity

Our desire is to do the work of Jesus and to develop His

character within us.

God’s power at work in us through His Holy Spirit

heals and sets us free so that we can grow into His likeness.

Therefore, we challenge one another to grow in intimacy with Him

and in the gifts and fruit of the Holy Spirit.


Sharing the Good News Locally and Globally

God’s love extends to all peoples.

We will encourage each other to reach out on our

island and to the un-reached peoples around His world

and share the Good News that Jesus died to save all who believe in Him.


Doing Acts of Kindness

As we share God’s love, we believe it should be accompanied by

practical deeds to show in a tangible way God’s heart for the needy.

The kindness of God is shown in many ways:

through simple words of truth spoken in love,

acts of mercy, a pursuit of justice and

the power of God bringing healing and freedom to lives.

So we, as His hands and feet, will reach out actively

with our time, talents, and money.


Embracing Each Other as God’s Family

We are brought together by the

unconditional love

and grace of God.

Therefore, we will unconditionally

love, respect and value

each other as part of the stable

and loving family of God.