Just like every family has to work together to maintain a house,
the people of our church are working together to maintain God’s house.
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 Audio Visual Team
If you enjoy computers, are tech savvy and have a heart to serve during our Sunday morning service, the AV team sounds like the perfect place for you to serve.
Training is available
 Youth Ministry
There are many opportunities to join the Lord in equipping the young people at our church!
Nursery, 3,4,&5 yr old class, Elementary, Middle School, and High School Assistants
are always needed.  
Background checks and an interview are required for your safety and for the safety of our children!
Greeter Ministry
Do you have a heart to make others welcome?  Do you love to be at church early to greet people?
If so, this team needs your bubbly personality, lovely, smiling face first thing Sunday morning as people arrive for service!
Join this team today!
Communion Preparation
Do you want to prayerfully help set up the Lord’s supper early Sunday morning?  
It’s a simple process but it’s a very prayerful and important job!
Vehicle Maintenance 
Regular maintenance of our two church vehicles – Jeep Wrangler and Econo Passenger Van.
Assessing needed repairs and doing the work or identifying a reliable and reputable outside mechanic to do the work to keep both vehicles safe, up to code and road worthy.
Facilities Maintenance
Main Floor, Upper Room and Trailers 1 and 2. Maintenance and repairs as needed.
Example: a/c checks and routine maintenance, painting, lubricate door locks, lock/key changes or purchases, checking window shutters, regularly checking the wood staircases of the trailers and Upper Room for termites or soft spots. 
Coordinator of Volunteers 
This person will serve as the point of contact for volunteers at SCCC. While this position might begin with setting up and coordinating the volunteer schedule for cleaning the church, other areas of need may be assigned in the future.
Cleaning the Nursery
The Nursery gets a lot of use on Sunday and during events that childcare may be offered.
The large free-standing toys need to be wiped down with an antibacterial wipe along with ALL other surfaces and toys.
It also needs to be swept every week and the rug needs to be vacuumed as well. The toys in the cabinet need to be kept clean, sanitized and organized.
Cleaning the Preschool Room
The two tables need to be wiped down with an antibacterial wipe along with ALL of the chairs. The room needs to be swept every week. The toys on the shelves should be kept organized.
Cleaning  the 
All-Purpose Room
The All-Purpose Room is an area that gets a lot of use! Clean the whiteboard. Breakdown any tables and chairs so that the room can be easily swept and mopped. Windows checked and cleaned inside and outside, as needed.
The handicapped bathroom also needs to be cleaned.
(toilet, sink & mirror)
. Remove any trash, clean trash can lid and the interior/exterior as needed.
 Cleaning the Upper Room
The entire room needs to be vacuumed once a week. If the vacuum isn’t working properly, please notify staff. DO NOT attempt to fix the vacuum yourself!
The bathroom also needs to be cleaned. Clean the shower ONLY if it appears to have been used. The sink and the toilet also need to be cleaned.
Check all the windows and walls for fingerprints or marks and wipe them down.
Arrange the chairs, but no need to touch any of the musical instruments.
Dispose of the trash from the bathroom and main room when you are done.
Cleaning the Trailers 
The trailers will be done together. Sweep, mop and dispose of the trash.
Grass Cutting at Trailers 
The grass will be cut inside the fence on the lot that houses Trailers 1 & 2.
If it rains more frequently the grass will need to be cut more often.
Sweep and Mop 
The main entrance, front office area, and the two classrooms should be swept and mopped later in the week – either early morning or a free evening.
Sweep and Mop
 Rear area of Main Office. This includes the men and women’s bathrooms, two offices and the back hallway.
Clean Kitchen
Wipe off all counter tops and cabinet fronts, as needed, and clean with Simple Green and water.
Use red bucket in the supply closet. Wipe down exterior and clean interior of the microwave and stove.
Clean the fridge outside and inside once a month. Sweep and mop. Clean trash can lid and the interior/exterior, as needed. Dispose of the trash. 
Cleaning the Bathrooms
Main Office – Clean the sink, mirror and toilets. Sweep and mop and dispose of any trash, if needed.
Baseboards and Doors 
Every 3 months, the baseboards and all the doors need to be cleaned with Clean by Peroxy.
Use the red bucket in the supply closet, water and a non-abrasive cleaning pad is needed.
Light Fixture Covers 
Every 6 months, the light fixture covers need to be taken down and cleaned.
Use a damp wipe. If they are not too dirty use a dry one.
Cleaning & Washing Couch Covers
The two (2) couch covers and runners in the main office need to be washed once a month.
The couch covers can be wiped once a week with a damp cloth.
Cleaning Chairs and Tables
Clean all white chairs and tables every 3 months in the All-Purpose Room.
Use Clean by Peroxy and scouring pads. Rags can be used to dry, if needed, and soft scrub.