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Our History

Holy Bible

Our story is His story. 

St. Croix Christian Church was started as a house church in 1985 by Max and Becky High and Gary and Kim Snowden. As the church grew, they started meeting in a building in the shape of a dome that was located at Free Will Baptist Church. One of the founders of YWAM St. Croix, Jay Peifer helped arrange the agreement.

 In September of 1989 Hurricane Hugo destroyed the dome and the congregation began to meet in a member’s house again.  Eventually Max and Becky High went on to church plant while the congregation continued to grow and meet. 

There were many meeting places throughout the years including a doctor’s office at Five Corners, classrooms at Manor School, and many years at YWAM.  St. Dunstan’s school in Golden Rock and now the Caribbean Theater have been since home for SCCC since the early 2000s.

Although there have been many different leaders and members of SCCC, it has always been a place for the family of God to come together and worship the Lord Jesus and share His love. 

Throughout the years, many different ministries flourished through the people of SCCC depending on the needs of the membership and the community. Missions and Youth Ministry have always been important aspects of the ministry and is still flourishing today. Our partnership with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) has been constant and many of our youth have been called into Missions and influenced by that relationship.

We are so thankful to God for His faithfulness during our 36 years and are thankful for all who call SCCC home.

(History as recalled by Church Member Dana Mackay in December 2021).

SCCC Original Dome Meeting Place @ Freewill
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